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$100 All-Electric Plug-in Vehicle Registration Rebate Application

Cooperative members with plug-in all-electric vehicles registered within our service territory can receive $100 by completing our registration application. Members are eligible to receive one registration incentive per vehicle.
Participant Name*
Utility Account Number
Installation Address*
Mailing Address (If Different from Site)
Phone Number*
Additional Details
How many electric vehicles do you have at this location?
Please provide information about your electric vehicle(s)
Do you have a level 2 (240V) vehicle charger installed at this location? (Hardwired, not a regular outlet)
Number of Chargers
Charger Information
About how many miles do you drive per day?
How often do you charge your EV?
What time of day do you usually start charging your EV?

Upload a Picture or Document
Please take a picture or upload a file of your vehicle registration and make sure your address is legible. The vehicle must be registered at the address where we provide your electric service.

Make sure your application is complete; once you submit you will not be able to edit.